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Discover the all-in-1* rim block solution for a brilliantly clean toilet.
*considering its four functions

Our 1st perfume for your toilet.
Discover the smell of luxury! Bref DeLuxe is inspired by fine fragrances. It offers you elegant scent combined with the cleaning power of Bref.

Revolutionary Aqua Switch technology that changes scent with every flush

Bref Power Active provides an ultimate fresh and clean toilet until the last flush. So toilet care gets really simple – no need for wacky inventions. Freaking genius, isn’t it?

Become the champion of the bathroom as well: With Bref Blue Active. For visible cleanliness even between flushes.

Naturally-inspired fragrance for freshness.

A superior clean, the easier way!

Advanced fragrance technology for a hygienically clean & fresh smelling toilet with a long lasting air freshener effect.

Luxurious toilet perfume inspired by fine fragrances.

Active cleaning ingredients with the freshness of blue water!

Hygienically clean and fresh with every flush!