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Discover the all-in-1* rim block solution for a brilliantly clean toilet.
*considering its four functions

  • Bref Brilliant Gel Spring Rain

    Experience a soothing freshness with Bref Brilliant Gel Spring Rain. Flush after flush, immerse yourself in a long-lasting fragrance experience. Inspired by fine scents, capturing emotions of freshness, timelessness & modernity.

  • Bref Brilliant Gel Arctic Ocean

    Experience a rejuvenating freshness with Bref Brilliant Gel Arctic Ocean. Picture a fresh breeze, like when you open a window in a clean bathroom. Flush after flush, enjoy the long-lasting fragrance, refreshing your toilet every day.

  • Bref Brilliant Gel Alpine Lake​

    Experience a calming freshness with Bref Brilliant Gel Alpine Lake. Flush after flush, enjoy the long-lasting fragrance of Bref Brilliant Gel Alpine Lake with a combination of fresh floral scents & gentle woody fragrance, making your toilet one of the perfect home-oasis.

Our 1st perfume for your toilet.
Discover the smell of luxury! Bref DeLuxe is inspired by fine fragrances. It offers you elegant scent combined with the cleaning power of Bref.

  • Bref DeLuxe Delicate Magnolia

  • Bref DeLuxe Lovely Jasmine

  • Bref DeLuxe Magic Moonflower

Bref Power Active provides an ultimate fresh and clean toilet until the last flush. So toilet care gets really simple – no need for wacky inventions. Freaking genius, isn’t it?

  • Bref Power Active Juicy Lemon

  • Bref Power Active Flower Blossom

  • Bref Power Active Lavender Field

  • Bref Escapes Hawaii Sensation

  • Bref Power Active Freshener Ocean

Bref Blue Active provides visible cleanliness even between flushes. Now with odour stop technology.

  • Bref Blue Active Eucalyptus

  • Bref Purple Active Lavender

  • Bref Turquoise Active Ocean

  • Bref Blue Active Flower

A superior clean, the easier way!

  • Bref Ultimate Gel Lavender Anti Stain

Luxurious toilet perfume inspired by fine fragrances.

  • Bref DeLuxe Active Gel Jasmine

  • Bref Deluxe Active Gel Delicate Magnolia

Active cleaning ingredients with the freshness of blue water!

  • Bref Duo-Cubes Ocean

  • Bref Duo-Cubes Flower

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