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5 ways to keep your toilet cleaner

Nobody likes cleaning toilets and, if we have to, then we want it to be as quick and efficient as possible. Well, the best way to ensure your loo requires the minimum of attention is to keep it clean all the time!

By using the right products and making sure that you clear up after every visit, you can reduce your actual cleaning requirement down to a bare minimum. What’s more, you can rest assured that your toilet is always clean and will never be a source of embarrassment or annoyance for you. We’ve collected 5 tops tips to help you ensure that your loo stays cleaner for longer…

1. Sit down for a cleaner toilet

It may be a controversial topic in some households, but one of the easiest ways to keep your toilet cleaner for longer is to ban standing usage. If both men and women sit down to use their loos, toilets just do stay cleaner longer. The plain fact of the matter is that urine that misses the bowl doesn’t disappear. It stains, it soaks, it lingers, creating grimy and smelly spots on the floor around your toilet and on the seat and top of the pan. So sitting to pee may seem like a time-waster, but in truth, it is anything but.

2. Use your brush during every flush

The toilet brush is there to be used. Not just when you ‘clean’ the toilet, but every time you use it as well. It’s a simple routine to develop and it ensures that your toilet is always kept clean. Just go once round the bowl with a bit of toilet cleaner and a brush every time. You will find that your weekly clean will become almost superfluous! To get the most from your toilet brush, keep it clean too and regularly replace it. Toilet brushes get dirty and worn out fairly quickly. Yet despite being cheap items to replace, many people view them as almost lifetime purchases! There is no need for this. Your toilet brush should be replaced frequently: every few months or as is required. Top tip: To extend the lifetime of your toilet brush leave it to dry before you place it back in the holder. You can do this by closing the toilet seat on top of it and wedging the brush handle between the seat the top of the pan. If you just place the brush back in the holder it is likely to get quite grimy and damp.

3. Rim block prevents toilets getting dirty

Use a good rim block in your toilet and keep your toilet clean, fresh-smelling and free from brown stains. Bref Power Aktiv Hygiene works to prevent limescale, creates foam in the bottom of your pan and leaves your toilet smelling fresh after every single flush. Lasting up to 250 flushes per rim block, there is no easier way to ensure lasting cleanliness of your toilet than with this. Easy to install, easy to replace and a comprehensive solution to your hygiene and freshness needs. With the best rim block hanging off the side of your bowl you need never fear your toilet again. It should always look good and smell fresh.

4. In toilet block cleaner

If your priority is ease of use, then you could also consider an in-tank toilet block cleaner, such as Bref Duo Cubes. Throw one of these in your tank and it will help keep your toilet clean for an amazing 800 flushes. That translates into as much as 3 months flushing blue fresh water every time and ensuring that your whole toilet stays hygienic and brown-stain free.

5. Regular cleaning

Finally, it has to be said that a key component of keeping your toilet clean is to…. clean it regularly. Firstly, try and train your household to clean up any accidents that happen, as they happen. Swift action to remove spills ensures that the toilet stays cleaner for much longer. Conscientious use of the toilet is about cleaning up after yourself and not leaving the problem for another person, or even for yourself at a later date!

Secondly, make sure that you schedule a regular cleaning session of your toilet and bathroom at least once a week. Without a routine time-slot, it is all too easy to let standards slip. If you are maintaining your toilet well, it should not require more than 10 to 15 minutes per week to give it a proper clean. Find a convenient time in your weekly schedule and make that your toilet cleaning time. Maybe it’s before an evening class, or before you go to work, or before you watch your favourite television show. Whatever works motivationally, find that time slot that will keep you at it!

Finally, it is worth saying that even a well-maintained toilet does need a deep clean, once in a while. This should involve scrubbing the inside of the cistern and removal of the toilet seat. Not a pleasant job, but one that you should only have to face once or twice a year. To prevent yourself forgetting, write it in your diary or – even better – schedule it as a recurring appointment in your electronic calendar.

Cut down on your toilet cleaning needs. Never let it get dirty with our top 5 ways to Keep it Clean.

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