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Now with Odour Stop Technology

Stops unpleasant smells, while providing cleanliness and freshness with every flush.

Bref Blue Active Flower with Odour Stop technology keeps malodours under the water surface of your toilet. This provides for freshness and cleanliness even between the flushes.

With every flush, the 4 active components are released which clean your toilet, prevent dirt from sticking, while a long-lasting fresh scent is released – even between the flushes!

Bref takes your senses on a refreshing trip and offers a long-lasting, stimulating scent experience.

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  1. Hang Bref Turquoise Active on the rim of your toilet
  2. Adjust it to the water flow
  3. Replace it when the balls are empty

Ensure the product is securely attached to the toilet rim. Dispose of the used container in the recycling bin. The product may cause damage or a blockage if flushed.


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