Luxurious toilet perfume inspired by fine fragrances.

If you dislike the over powering smell of chemicals try our Deluxe Gels offering premium & delicate scents whilst still killing 99.9% of germs for a fresher and cleaner toilet.

Bref Deluxe Gel offers elegant and delicate premium scents, inspired by fine fragrances.


  1. Active Cleaning Foam
    Cleans the toilet with the power of hygienic form
  2. Premium Fine Fragrance
    Gives a long-lasting fresh and elegant scent in the bathroom
  3. Grime Removal
    Removes grime in the toilet bowl
  4. Kills 99.9% of germs
    Hospital grade disinfectant

For freshness at every flush, try our Deluxe rim block!

  1. To remove the cap, squeeze the two safety pads and unscrew completely
  2. Direct nozzle under the toilet rim and squeeze evenly around the bowl. Avoid any contact of the product with plastic parts
  3. To achieve best cleaning result, leave Bref Deluxe Gel for 10 minutes.
  4. Brush above and under the water line, then flush to leave the bowl clean and fresh!
  5. Replace cap and close tightly until you hear a click


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