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Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean Longer

After a hectic day at work, almost no one looks forward to a messy house. You would want everything in place when you get home so that you could have a peaceful candle-lit bath to relax. Cleaning the house, especially the bathroom, seems like a time consuming job we almost always want to avoid. Moreover, a dirty bath tub with all your beauty products lying around beside the sink would definitely not be a pleasing sight for the eye. Nonetheless, it is important to keep your bathroom clean not only for hygienic reasons but for your own mental satisfaction. Hence, a clean and tidy bathroom is everyone’s dream!

Clean it as you go

It is important to ensure that your bathroom remains clean after every use, so that you do not have to go through lengthy cleaning chores every time a guest is visiting your place. A good tip would be to always stock up on toilet rolls and cleaning products. You must keep them in your bathroom cabinet so they are available in quick reach. Always keep a viper somewhere hidden behind your door so that you do not have to cross over a huge puddle of water when you enter your bathroom.

Get a fabric curtain

If you are someone who is afraid of bacteria or, like most of us, want to avoid getting in contacts with germs, it is important to keep the bath area clean. A shower curtain is the best place for biofilm to grow, so having a fabric curtain would certainly be a great place to start from. They are easier to clean and change as well. You can select the one which matches your aesthetic and make sure to clean it regularly in order to the growth of this slimy bacteria in your bath area.

Lid down

Toilet plumes shoot upwards when you flush, hence, making it essential for you to keep the lid down when you flush. Another useful tip would perhaps be to use chlorine bleach to clean your toilet. Just add a one-quarter cup in to the toilet and leave it in for a while before you flush. You must carry this procedure at least every week to keep your toilet clean and ready to use at all times. If you want to go a little overboard with it, maybe make your own fizzy tablets to clean the toilet. All you need is some backing soda, dish soap and citric acid for this DIY project. We understand that you may not always have the time to do this, therefore, there are several toilet cleaning products available in the market for you to use. Bref 10x Effect Total Protection WC Gel cleans the toilet easily and coats it with a protective layer that helps to prevent soils to stick to the bowl.

How to store stuff in the bathroom?

It is not advisable for you to leave your beauty products, especially makeup brushes, lying around in your bathroom after you are done with applying your makeup. You can get aesthetically pleasing open glass jar to store them. Leaving them out in the open would only attract bacteria. Moreover, air dry your tooth brush after every use and make sure to regularly clean the container you store it in as well. In addition to this, proper storage is not only important for hygienic purposes but it will also reduce the amount of clutter you have lying around your sink.

Mop the floor regularly

You must also ensure that the bathroom floor is clean at all times. A dirty bathroom floor would mean that you are carrying the bathroom germs all around the house when you leave. Invest in a good, easy to use mop for your bathroom. Getting a washable mop would perhaps be a better choice as it will allow you to clean it on a regular basis as well.

What to do with a smelly bath?

You are looking forward to a nice bath after a busy day, but the stench coming from your bath tub has let you down. It is definitely biofilm which is growing up in your bath. The best way to treat is to pour half a cup of baking soda and then a cup of vinegar down the drain. Let it stay in there for some time and then clean your bath tub with hot water. The more convenient solution is Bref Colored Water. Its cleaning formula fights limescale, refreshes and brings hygiene even between the flushes.

You must declutter

It is important to have an order related to how you organize your medicine cabinet. This will not only mean everything is in easy access, but will also give an organized look to your bathroom. Throw away used packaging of any products that you are using, unless you really need them and have proper installations on the wall to hang your towels. An organized bathroom is a clean bathroom for many!

First Aid kit for your bathroom

After ensuring that everything is clean and in place in your perfect bathroom, you must create a box to store all the cleaning supplies including cleaning products you use regularly. This box must also contain disinfecting cleaning wipes or other tap and clean products available in market. These must be readily available to clean any water marks on your medicine cabinet or toothpaste splatters here and there in the bathroom. You can also keep dryer sheets in this box. These will come handy when you need to clean dust on the bathroom door, shelves or even the floor. You do not have to take out your vacuum cleaner for every small reason now. Having a clean to start your day is more important than you think.

A clean, neat and tidy private space does wonders: it lightens up your mood and help you relax without worrying about who is going to clean the sink or flush the toilet. So, use these amazing tips to keep your bathroom clean for a longer period of time.

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