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How To Make The Most Of A Small Bathroom?

Everyone wants a perfect bathroom, which not only houses all their essentials, but at the same time also does not look congested or cluttered. Especially, if you have a small bathroom it is increasingly hard for you to fit in everything. Every design, color or decoration decision you make for your minuscule bathroom must be thought through carefully. Hence, a good idea would be to add features in your bathroom that provide an illusion of extra space; such clever design ideas could really help you out in perfecting the little space you have!

Design modifications for a small bathroom

There are several design inspirations that you can find online for your small bathroom. If you are not planning to spend a lot on this renovation project, perhaps a good tip would be to stick with the original design, but add features which could complement it. There might be a nook in the corner that you simply cannot figure out what to do with. Rather than spending a lot of money in removing this architectural feature in your bathroom, perhaps you can use your creative mind to come up with ways to accentuate the beauty of that corner.

Round Vanity

If you have a small square shaped bathroom, you must opt for a round vanity instead of a square one. The sharp edges of the square piece will make the space look more crowded. Moreover, the juxtaposition of two different shapes: squares and circles, will make your bathroom more visually appealing.

Mirrors on the wall

Every great interior designer is aware of the magic of mirrors. Mirrors are great for small spaces, as they make them appear more spacious. A great tip for making your small bathroom seem bigger would be to extend the size of the mirror; it can even be the size of the wall behind your vanity. This is not only an incredible design idea but is also extremely practical, especially for couples who might fight over who will get ready in front of the mirror every morning. If you cannot have a wall length mirror and have to mount one, go with oval mirrors. They will make your ceilings look taller and are also trendy nowadays.

Mount the faucet

You can also go for a faucet or sink that is mounted on your wall instead of a large one occupying all the space in your small bathroom. This will free a lot of space; you can even use the area underneath it to create shelves for additional storage. There are several designs available in the market in different shapes to fit every bathroom size.

Make use of the doorway

Every space within the bathroom must be cleverly used and hence, to treat the doorway as a redundant space would be a big mistake. You can mount shelves above the doorway to store everything you otherwise would not have had space to keep. Moreover, having the towel hanger on the door instead of the wall would also be a space efficient decision.

Glass jars for everyday essentials

You might have gotten new beauty or skin care products that you use on a daily basis, but have no space to put them in your bathroom. Getting glass jars to store all these products would be a great idea. These light decoration pieces can be placed either beside the sink or on any shelf that you plan to install in your bathroom. Most importantly, these jars will minimize the clutter in this small space and make everything look more organized.

Ceiling light

You might want to be able to do your makeup in your bathroom, however, the lack of lighting in this small room might be discouraging you. You should invest in a good ceiling light for your bathroom. There are several ceiling lights available in the market which allow you to adjust the light according to your mood. So, now you can enjoy both better illumination while doing your makeup and the radiance of a calm yellow light as you take your bath.

Glass door vs curtains

Although glass shower doors make the room look bigger, they may need a lot of space to be opened or closed. Thus, perhaps finding some nice curtains or maybe sliding glass doors would be a better option. Make sure to use the cleaning products to clean them on a regular basis to maintain clean and shiny look.

The right color

The color of paint that you choose to apply in a small room, really affects how big it looks. If you have a small bathroom, you must go for lighter or more neutral options for your color scheme. They will not only make your room look bigger but while also brighten up the small dark space. You can even opt for large patterns on the wall for instance a large strips design in light colors will make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. Nonetheless, this certainly does not mean that there will be nothing colorful in your bathroom. You can definitely add a pop of color here and there through the decoration pieces or essential items you keep in your bathroom such as towels or mirror frames.

Using the right tiles

A smart thing to do when selecting tiles for your bathroom is to go for the same ones for the walls as well as the floors. You can even have the same tiles for the side of your bath and the wall. Both these techniques will make your bathroom appear as a single wide sheet of marble and hence, larger.


You do not have space to mount things on the wall or to keep everything you need on the shelves. Hence, you can find several movable objects in your home or in the market to use in the bathroom. Perhaps, getting a table with an open base or perhaps wheels underneath it would be ideal. Small bathrooms may seem like small, congested places at first, but with the right design ideas and decorations you can make it look perfect.

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