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Scents That Go Together with your bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most commonly used spaces in your home. No one likes a dirty or smelly bathroom. You probably would not want to even use it, let alone have a relaxing bath in there. In addition to regularly cleaning your bathroom, you can use several amazing scents that are available in market these days to make this little space smell incredible all the time.

Why does your bathroom smell?

The most common cause of bad bathroom odor is a clogged toilet. A clogged toilet is definitely everyone’s worst nightmare and something that shall be immediately fixed. Another reason why your bathroom is smelling so bad would be due to the bacteria. It might seep in through the sewage and accumulate on your toilet bowl. This might happen mostly in the summer season when the growth of these bacteria accelerates due to humidity. You might even find biofilm growing on your bath tub as well due to similar reasons. Hence, it is important that you first eliminate the bad smell that has been building up in your bathroom, before you apply any additional scent.

Odor Eliminators

When it comes to remodeling or designing a bathroom space, one of the most important things that a designer would advise is to have proper ventilation in your bathroom. Lack of air circulation in a bathroom, especially a rather small one, can become a huge problem. Along with several other repercussions, it can also make your bathroom smell really bad. Although, having more windows can resolve this issue, but this solution may not be possible at all times. Hence, a great idea would be to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. In addition to this, you can also get a plug-in air purifier; they do not have a lot of space and do not even cost a lot, making them a great alternative to expensive ventilation systems.

Other tips for eliminating odor

Before you apply your perfect scents, here are few ways for you to first remove the bad smell from your bathroom:

  • You must regularly clean your bathroom. Although, scent products may hide the odor for some time it will come back if you do not clean your bathroom properly.
  • You must check your drains regularly. They are the source of the problem most of the times.
  • Wash your towels and let them dry because damp towels will make your bathroom smell weird.
  • Find a washable shower curtain so that you could regularly send it to the laundry. Also, keep a spare one to use in the meantime.
  • You can also get an aromatic hand soap or a hand wash with a pleasant, fresh scent.
  • Use toilet rim blocks as they provide freshness and fragrance continuiously. Being placed in the toilet bowl they make sure that your hygiene of the toilet bowl is maintained. Use Bref Power Aktiv Chlorine to keep your toilets throughly clean and fresh.

Why do you need a good scent for you bathroom?

We all need a relaxing bath sometimes, however, no one would feel anything close to relaxed in a smelly bathroom. In order to create that soothing environment to de-stress yourself, you need to make your bathroom smell like an amazing spa. Thus, finding the right scent for your bathroom becomes important for your own mental satisfaction and happiness. Plus, you might never know when you want to prepare a relaxing bath for your guests; you will definitely love it when they complement your amazing scent choices.

Scents and designs

Decorating your bathroom does not only mean selecting the right wall paint color or putting up decorative items, it also means selecting the right scent for your bathroom. It must be a scent that goes with your bathroom design and something which allows you to create the perfect complementary atmosphere. A great idea would be to match your bathroom scents to the predominant color in your bathroom. For instance if you have a brown bathroom, maybe a traditional one with a dark wood colored counter top, you must opt for spicy scents. Cinnamon would be a great option for you to try out.

Moreover, if you are going for pastel colors in your bathroom such as pale pink or purple, maybe go for some flowery scent. Try lilac or lavender, they would be great. A lot of people might even prefer rose as a great scent for such a bathroom as well. Use Bref Power Active Fresh Flowers and experience the refreshing scent of nature. Furthermore, if you have a warm toned bathrooms with shades or oranges and gold, definitely go with a citrus scent to create the perfect mood in your bathroom.

Scented candles

Another simple way to deal with unpleasant bathroom odors is to get scented candles. Some of these candles can do wonders to a smelly bathroom. They do not only smell great, but have a calming influence on you when you are taking a bath. Nonetheless, if you are fond of scented candles and plan to light them up in your bathroom, you must also remember to blow them out before you leave the bathroom to avoid any fire hazards.

Essential Oils

Essential oil is a great way to make your bathroom smell great. You can use them in a diffusor or create your own DIY cleaning products out of essential oils. Hence, follow these tips mentioned above and make your bathroom smell great. A beautiful bathroom is definitely not perfect until and unless it smells beautiful as well.

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