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Quick and Clean: Episode 2. Toilet tablets

Hidden away from sight, yet powerful and long-lasting: if you really want to put toilet cleaning out of your mind, then toilet tablets are the right answer for you.

Nestling in a quiet corner of the cistern, these long-lasting tabs can give you as much as two months no-fuss freshness, and installation couldn’t be easier. Perhaps not as well known as the rim block solution, toilet tablets have a lot of advantages and remain the preferred choice for many.

What is a toilet tablet?

Emerging a little later than the toilet rim block, toilet in-tank tablets started to come to prominence during the late 1980s and early 90’s. Their advantages were immediately apparent, requiring less installation time than the rim block and being more sightly (In that, you can’t see them at all!). What’s more, toilet in-tank tablets do the job just as well, giving you long-lasting freshness and hygiene. The positioning of the tablet right at the top of your toilet ensures that the whole mechanism gets a clean, including the water tank and the channels that deliver the flushing water to the pan. Toilet tablets are made using a different formula from conventional  rim blocks. As they are constantly submerged under water, they are designed to dissolve much more slowly, giving you longer lasting hygiene and freshness.

What does a toilet block cleaner do?

A toilet in-tank tablet delivers a very convenient solution, maintaining the hygiene of your toilet with every single flush and leaving the whole toilet apparatus with a fresh fragrance in its wake. Bref Duo Cubes combines 2 active agents that work in tandem to keep your toilet hygienic and limescale free. As the in-tank tablet is always submerged, it continually keeps the water fresh and blue, even when it is in the tank, waiting for your next flush. Freshness and hygiene permeate your toilet from top to bottom.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the in-tank tablet versus the rim block?

Advantages of the in-tank tablet: The in-tank tablet has clear advantages in terms of longevity. It lasts on average twice as long as the equivalent rim block before it needs to be replaced. It is also more pleasant to install, not requiring any contact with the toilet bowl itself. Finally, it is totally hidden away from view.

Disadvantages of the in-tank tablet: One of the biggest disadvantages of in-tank toilet cleaning tablets is that they don’t deliver fragrance as effectively as rim blocks. This means in-tank tablets don’t always do away with the need for separate air fresheners.

Will an in-tank tablet harm my toilet? In-tank toilet tablets are quite caustic and there have been suspicions that they are may be bad for the seals in and mechanisms in the tank. However, these issues have largely arisen in toilets left inactive for long periods of time. As long as a toilet is in regular use, it should not be adversely affected by toilet-cleaning tablets.

How to install your toilet cleaning tablet

In-tank tablets are easy to install. There are no concerns about where exactly to hang them, or whether they are receiving sufficient water flow. As they are full submerged all the time, this is not a concern. Just open up your water tank and throw in the tab. There is no need to remove the outer protective wrapper, this will dissolve in the tank. The only word of caution is that it is better to drop the tablet into the side of the cistern furthest away from the outlet pipe (The pipe at the bottom of the tank that leads to the toilet bowl). This is in order to prevent the tablet getting caught up or disturbing the flow of water through this outlet.

Toilets where the cistern is built into the wall: If you have a cistern that is hidden behind a panel in your wall, you may well be unsure how to access it. This can put people off using a toilet cleaning tablet. However, all water tanks have been built for easy access, it’s just a question of finding out how to do it. If you’re unsure, look it up online and you’ll find that, once you know, it’s a piece of cake to repeat the process.

When is it time to replace your toilet cleaning tablet?

Bref Duo Cubes are designed to last up to 800 flushes, which translates to as much as three months usage. It’s easy to see when it’s time to throw a new one in: the water stops flushing blue.

About the Bref Range

There is a range of Bref toilet tablets as well as rim blocks and other products to choose from, depending on the features that are most important for you and on which type of fragrance is to your preference. Take the worry out of your toilet care and choose the perfect toilet cleaning tablet for you and your household. Click here to see our full range.

Throw a toilet tablet into your cistern and never worry about toilet hygiene again! Find out how in-tank tablets can save you time and worry.

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