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Decorating for white bathrooms - Upgrade Your Bathroom

Tips for remodeling your bathroom to create a white wellness oasis

Does your bathroom need renovating? Then you should definitely consider introducing the color white into what is probably the most personal space in your home. By focusing on the color white, you have many style options open to you – from a more traditional look to a hypermodern and bold alternative. White bathrooms are timeless and easy to transform. Our decorating tips will show you how to create relaxing and bright designs for your bathroom.

First of all, white walls will make your bathroom look bigger than it actually is. If you don’t want to change your old tiles, you can use tile paint for a fresh, white look. You can enhance the effect by adding mirrors to your interior design concept. White also helps conceal those little architectural flaws – the odd steam or water pipe disappears from view as if by magic.

Use white to live more colorfully: As a “non-color,” white is the ideal background for highlighting more vigorous colors like natural greens, ivory, and earth tones. Dark blue on the walls or a dark floor might bring your white interior into better focus and make it pop. Another option is to integrate reclaimed or vintage wood to give your white room an extra elegant touch.

Permanent design aspects are not the only way to use white in your bathroom. Discover the power of decorative elements in interior design: a white rug, a showpiece tub, plants in white pots, or even softer whites will help to create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Henkel’s Pure White Rim Block fits perfectly into this concept: invisible at first sight but an indispensable hygienic detail.

Still, try not to overload your white bathroom. One or two of the ideas above are enough transform your bathroom into an interesting yet clean white spa area.

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